What is Playback Theatre?

Playback Theatre is a special form of theatre that combines our life stories & the art of improvisation
In Playback Theatre we share our own personal stories and are given a chance to see them come to life presented by the players, having listened to our story, the players will take it to stage and create a theatrical spectacle that reflects our story back to us any story is welcome – Every story is a gift that can be transformed into creative, magical & empowering moments on stage.

The Playgo Ensemble

The Playgo Ensemble are professional theater performers whom expert in the Playback Theatre method and the art of improvisation.
The Playgo Ensemble offers variety of performances for both the public and private sectors. Playback performances in English and Hebrew. The Playgo Ensemble offers variety performances for both of the public and private sectors. The ensemble comprises theater and stage performers – actors, musicians, animators, comedians as well as teachers and educators of the arts.

The Playgo Ensemble performs throughout Israel in hebrew & english for various audiences:

  • Educational institutions (Formal & Non formal)
  • Municipalities & Government institutions
  • Public & Private companies
  • Health & Welfare Institutions and Organizations
  • Community organizations & various congregations
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Family events